In the major tasks of industrial restructuring and revitalization determined by the State Council's "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan", it is clear that we must seize nine industries including light industries including packaging equipment, so as to achieve the independence of our equipment. Since the development of China's packaging machinery has been relying on import since the reform and opening up, how to realize the autonomy of the packaging machinery and equipment in China? How to realize the autonomy of the equipment in our country, such as the property rights subject, research and development subject and technological innovation of the packaging machinery and equipment?

How in the world packaging machinery packaging machinery stage prop up its own national brand, for a long time, our country of packaging weak technology is weak, cannot break through the existing packaging technology, packaging technology innovation, relevant research institutions do not attach importance to the development and production of new product packaging patent technology, relying on imitation of life. China packaging industry technology research team can't meet the new requirements of the development, not only the weak technical force, but also a large number of scientific and technical personnel are transferred from other industries, professional knowledge structure defects, not to understand the mechanical technology of machinery, packaging technology is not familiar with the process of packaging industry, backward professional education professional education and on-the-job technology cadres. If the China packaging technology research department, senior researchers and related media to consensus, make efforts, self-reliance, unity, education, scientific research and design department visionary leaders and entrepreneurs to the policy and material support of packaging machinery, so that they are walking in front of the world packaging machinery production line, and not lag behind the production demand.

The 4 concept of industry is also gradually infiltrating in the food packaging industry. Plastic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are committed to developing new technologies represented by optical, mechatronics, intellectualization, combination or modularization. At present, many manufacturers have integrated robots and packaging equipment into a production line. From the previous stage of transportation, sorting, packaging, and later detection, storage and transportation, all kinds of automation technologies run through the packaging industry. Not only has the higher packaging speed, more accurate packaging precision, but also can achieve low energy consumption and cost saving for the enterprise.

In short, the State Council put forward the realization of China's equipment independently "in addition to the relevant supporting policies, shorten our packaging machinery and equipment products with the industry and international advanced product level, rely on or in the mechanism of packaging research in our country intensify in the main body of property rights, the main body of research and development, technological innovation and other aspects, to achieve" autonomy". At the same time, the related research departments should also vigorously develop existing scientific and technical personnel, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities play a role, accelerate the technological progress of enterprises, actively participate in the world packaging machinery market competition, get rid of the long-term Chinese outsiders buckle to "plagiarism and imitation" "hat" self-reliance of hard struggle!

Let the packaging machinery in our country look up again in the world, and try to make the packaging machinery industry in our country have a qualitative leap.



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